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Komendy Unix

    quota: Usage: quota [-guqvswim] [-l | [-Q | -A]] [-F quotaformat]
	quota [-qvswim] [-l | [-Q | -A]] [-F quotaformat] -u username ...
	quota [-qvswim] [-l | [-Q | -A]] [-F quotaformat] -g groupname ...
	quota [-qvswugQm] [-F quotaformat] -f filesystem ...

-u, --user                display quota for user
-g, --group               display quota for group
-q, --quiet               print more terse message
-v, --verbose             print more verbose message
-s, --human-readable      display numbers in human friendly units (MB, GB...)
    --always-resolve      always try to translate name to id, even if it is
			  composed of only digits
-w, --no-wrap             do not wrap long lines
-p, --raw-grace           print grace time in seconds since epoch
-l, --local-only          do not query NFS filesystems
-Q, --quiet-refuse        do not print error message when NFS server does
                          not respond
-i, --no-autofs           do not query autofs mountpoints
-F, --format=formatname   display quota of a specific format
-f, --filesystem-list     display quota information only for given filesystems
-A, --nfs-all             display quota for all NFS mountpoints
-m, --no-mixed-pathnames  trim leading slashes from NFSv4 mountpoints
    --show-mntpoint       show mount point of the file system in output
    --hide-device         do not show file system device in output
-h, --help                display this help message and exit
-V, --version             display version information and exit

Bugs to: jack@suse.cz